LOCKING HUBS CO. “LHC” manufactures manual locking hubs with special focus on improving design, materials, and craftsmanship. By concentrating on simplicity, serviceability, and durability, we are committed to manufacturing products that are affordable, easy to maintain and simply more durable than any other brand.


Our industrial design delivers greater value by lowering the Total Cost of Ownership in everyday costs (fuel), repair costs (cost of replacement parts), and the cost of labor (repair or maintenance). LHC manufactures advanced automotive technology that saves fuel, last longer and are easier to maintain.


LHC designed its products on the strength of the North American automotive vehicle industry. Our products are proudly made in both Canada and the USA by hardworking Canadians and Americans. Superior quality and value are the result of superior design and a unified commitment to quality.


Given our dedication to engineering and innovation, LHC craftsmanship means you get longer lasting products with less downtime. LHC products reduce and simplify your vehicle’s maintenance by meeting the highest quality and performance standards.