Save thousands in fuel, parts and labor by upgrading your OEM hubs. Manually alternate between 4WD and 2WD with our unit bearing manual locking hubs. Whether you’re upgrading existing hubs, replacing hubs, or switching from a full lock to manual locking, LHC manual locking hubs offer faster installation, easy maintenance, low-profile esthetics and guaranteed ABS compatibility.

For over 60 years, manual locking hubs have offered improved fuel economy to drivers seeking the benefits of 2WD over 4WD. LHC introduces innovation by replacing obsolete spindle bearing hub designs with more durable, cost effective unit bearing hubs. LHC has designed its hubs on the OEM unit bearing system to guarantee better safety, reliability and quality

By leaving behind spindle bearing hub designs, LHC has reduced the number of components ensuring fewer points of failure. The use of unit bearing hubs ensures that our manual locking hubs are the fastest to install, the easiest to maintain and the most affordable in the world. By design, LHC offers safer, more durable, discreet hub technology at an affordable price.


LHC manual locking hubs improve the safety of all 4WD vehicles through guaranteed ABS braking and the option of unlocking the front axle.


• LHC manual locking hubs guarantee ABS compatibility. Fundamentally, by using the OEM unit bearing system, our manual locking hubs do not manipulate original ABS braking systems, and in so doing keep drivers safe.


• Our manual locking hubs offer safety in the event of front axle damage. Over time because of natural wear and tear, or through severe impact, front axle components break. Despite manufacturers building in preventative measures, all 4WD vehicles can be stranded in the event of a broken front axle component. By allowing drivers to disengage the front wheels from the front axle, our manual locking hubs allow drivers to drive to safety regardless of broken front axle components.


LHC designed manual locking hubs to prevent the need for costly repairs to the front drive shaft, transfer case and sun bearing. By using premium OEM parts, our manual locking hubs last longer and save drivers thousands in repairs over time.

Our design increases the overall system life by eliminating the need for countless custom parts found in spindle bearing hubs. By using a pre-set, pre-greased, pre-sealed integrated bearing assembly, our hubs are protected from debris and contaminants that might otherwise cause premature wear and tear.

locking hubs unit bearing hubs cad drawing

To provide superior durability, LHC uses premium Lock-Out hubs from Mile Marker Industries.  Mile Marker Lock-Out hubs not only exceed industry standards, but are the built for extensive abuse and harsh conditions.


LHC manual locking hubs offer a true low-profile solution that can fit under your original hubcaps.


By basing our conversion kits on the unit bearing system, our hubs are fully integrated making our system easier to install. Our design simplifies installation and maintenance, making LHC manual locking hubs the fastest to install and the easiest to maintain.